LaFerrari Uhr von Humbolt.

Mindestens genauso irre (in jeder Hinsicht) wie der LaFerrari selbst. Einfach fantastisch.

Ferrari LaFerrari Top

„The Enzo had no companion watch, but its successor, the Ferrari LaFerrari, does. Created by Hublot „entirely in parallel with the car“ and „alongside the Ferrari teams,“ the MP-05 LaFerrari tribute watch is a similar test of how much gobsmacking gadgetry can be packed into a chassis. The manually-wound watch has 11 barrels set in a spine down the center that work together to provide a 50-day power reserve. So yes, it does need to be wound, but only once every seven weeks.“

(Via Autoblog)

Official: Amazing LaFerrari tribute watch more intricate than the real thing [w/video]: